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the blossom of
viola da gamba

The blossom of trees and flowers draws an image of colour and shadow every year, but each moment is for the attentive spectator different. For me, this programme of Stylus Phantasticus compositions reflects this effect musically, each line of music speaks differently through the effects and emotions of the performer and the audience, and a painting of sound develops.

“The blossom of Viola da gamba” is a bouquet of very idiomatically written compositions for the instrument and shows it in its virtuoso and colourful, sweet singing way, inspired by the blossom in Nature, which you can experience leaving the town.

Music by Johann Schenk, August Kühnel, Heinrich Iganz Franz Biber and Dietrich Buxtehude for viola da gamba and basso continuo.

The programme was premiered in London at the Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments and the Styriarte Festival Austria in Summer 2014.